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A third-party event is any fundraiser that a group or individual might hold to raise money for Homes First. When a group or individual decides to raise money, only the proceeds come to Homes First. The organizer holds all financial responsibility and agrees to staff the event. Although we actively encourage third-party fundraising events, all events must be approved by Homes First in advance.

We are happy to help you by providing guidance for your event and materials that will help educate others about Homes First.


Some things to remember about planning an event...

Your cost to run the event can’t exceed the money raised.

You need to plan to have others help you staffing the event, however we can ask our volunteer pool if they wish to assist.

Publicizing the event well will make it successful.


Please note: Homes First does not endorse fundraising activity that is not in line with good fundraising practices or that does not fit with the organization’s values. The organizers of third party events do not represent Homes First. This should be clear in all dealings with the public, sponsors and supporters.


Have fun while raising money!


Here are some great ideas you can try at your work, school or neighbourhood. (the underline links to this page )

3rd Party Event Ideas

  • Dress Down Day: Pay $5 to wear jeans to work
  • Loose Change: Put containers out at retail businesses for loose change
  • Softball/Soccer/Basketball Tournament: Charge an entry fee for each team
  • Baskets Auction: Put together theme baskets to be auctioned off
  • Parents Night Out/Christmas Shopping for Parents: Charge parents for babysitting
  • Dinner Party: Guests bring a gift for Homes First instead of a bottle of wine or hostess gift
  • Office Pot Luck: Everyone brings their favourite dish and contributes $5 for a buffet lunch.
  • Car Wash
  • Book/CD/DVD  Sale at work or Host a Swap. 10 friends each bring 10 CDs (or DVD/Books), each person picks 10 new items to take home and makes a donation.
  • Silent Auction: Have a silent bake auction for a sweet fundraiser
  • Crafts/Yard/Bake Sale
  • Hang People’s Christmas Lights: Charge for hanging them and taking down
  • Gift Wrapping:  Set up a Christmas package wrapping station at a mall for donations
  • Take Pictures with Santa: Take donations for pictures with Santa
  • Skate-A-Thon: Host a special night at a skating rink
  • Ice Cream Social: Charge admission to sample this sweet treat 

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